Monday, 9 April 2012

I'm back!!

Today I got back from Wales and it was fantastic!! It was cold, but i am used to that now :)We went to lots of nice places, including Goodrich castle and the Forest of dean!!(I only knew of it, because harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 was partly filmed there)  Unfortunately, the forest of dean is MASSIVE so there were many places where it  could of been filmed, and it all looked the same...Apart from that, it was pretty exciting!!!! 

I am pretty annoyed at myself that I haven't kept up with the April photo a day challenge, so I am going to catch up now :) Unfortunately, I haven't got a pic of my lunch - i forgot - so i have missed that one out :/
Here they are :

April photo a day

April 5th - tiny

My ickle blue ukulele!! Bought in wales :)
April 6th - Lunch

No pic!!! Sorry!! Forgot...*frustrated face*

April 7th - Shadow

My guitars neck :) Sorry that the image isn't very clear. 

April 8th - Inside your purse 

My cath kidston purse - love it!! - Inside is one of my many Jack Wills tags...

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