All About Me

Hi! My name is Evie a.ka Lottie, I am thirteen years old and this is my blog.

My blog is called Lottielooneytunes because well, first of all, when i was born my mum was going to call me lottie, because it was her favourite name at the time, and i think there was someone in a book called lottie which gave her inspiration. I was called Evie in the end (named after a famous person in a tv programme who was a fashion designer, coincidence much?!)
Secondly, my wonderful, mischievous dog is called Luna, and we have decided that her nickname is Looneytunes because she is such a looney dog!!
I also used the word tunes at the end because the thing i enjoy more that anything in the world is to sing and play my guitar. So, thats why i used Lottielooneytunes.

Here are 9 great facts about me (which couldn't be more true):

1. My hands are practically not hands anymore. They are basically plectrums for my guitar.

2. My sketchbook is abnormally full of crazy doodles that come from my imagination. Just face it, I daydream waaay to much.

3. I am freakishly OBSESSED with Cath Kidston. I counted that i have 29 Cath Kidston things altogether. Yeah, I'm a bit OTT.

4. The Union Jack is just the best pattern in the whole world. I literally love everything about it, I don't even know why i am crazy about a silly flag!!!

5. I get soooo much enjoyment out of baking. I literally could stand in the kitchen for HOURS with my mum and just bake and bake and bake.....!!

6. Converse. They are the best brand of shoe on this planet! I have currently got two pairs, but i have had more in the past.

7. This is defiantly not a word but i love...Vintage-ness. Yeah. Litterally anything vintage or retro will catch my eye straight away. Especially floaty dresses with loads of embroidery. I just love it this dress that Taylor Swift is wearing; i want it!

8. VW campavans. I LOVE THEM. I am trying to persuade my mum to get one, but i don't think we are allowed yet ( :( ) I think the orange ones are the best. THey are soooo cute!!!!

9. I am a tv maniac, but the one tv programme that i absolutely cannot live without is FRIENDS. Any one who follows me on twitter will see that I am so obsessed!!!! It is the most hilarious thing....I am laughing just thinking about it!!!

Lottielooneytunes is not really based on one subject. I will be posting a range of things from recipes, to songs i have written or liked, or even to just things i do in day 2 day life. Enjoy!!

Love Evie x :)

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