Sunday, 1 April 2012

Day 2 ;)

Today i made some gorgeous (probably illegal in the chocolate world!!) dark chocolate crispy nests for easter, topped with mini eggs. You can find the recipe on the BBC Good Food website. They are super yummy ( I'm aware that doesn't make sense!!) and defiantly worth a try :) 

There were 12 :) now there are 9....

I didn't use this but it is worth a mention. This is the BEST recipe book in the whole wide world!! I have completely fallen in love with it!! It is the Hummingbird bakery cookbook:

The Hummingbird bakery is also a bakery in London. 

We made some incredible straw puppets for easter too today with my little brother and sister! Here is a picture of them: 

I made the one on the far left! My sisters is the cute one in the middle and my little brothers is the sweet chick on the far right end!! Such fun...:)

Luna wanted some crispy cakes, but even her cuteness wouldn't force me to give her some! 

Cute? I think so!! 

These are very sweet and defiantly worth the mention! We used these for the crispy cakes! So sweet! Thank you Beatrix Potter x 

Easter decorations for cakes <3 

Here is my wish list too

Beautiful dress topshop - my future prom dress

dress close up

topshop spring jeans

Cath Kidston 'up and away' t shirt

dream electric - love the union jack

Beautiful voice of Florence and the machine - must get this!! 

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