Saturday, 21 April 2012

25 day harry potter challenge update!!!

Severus Snape good guy did bad, or bad guy did good?

I think he is a bad guy who did good, because he was pretty hard on Harry so he wasn't necessarily good all the way through, but he did very good things, to protect people. 

Favourite DADA teacher?

My favourite defence against the dark arts teacher would be professor Lupin because he was really kind, and he was probably the only teacher that was kind to harry, protected him, and was there for him (besides the fact that he was a werewolf!!) 

If you had the choice, which hallow would you choose?

I would choose the invisibility cloak, as you can go anywhere with it and not get caught. I didn't choose the elder wand, because with the cloak, no one knows where you are, but everyone can see you with the want. I would just find it more interesting with the cloak! 

What would you see in the mirror of erised?

I would see myself at Hogwarts, or pursuing my dream as a country singer. 

Favourite line/ passage?

'Always' - severus snape

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