Monday, 12 March 2012

My favourite books

I am quite obsessed with reading at the moment so the here are some of the books i have read and really enjoyed...:)

The Secret Garden is such a magical book; it is about a girl that moves to a house in the county and discovered a bidder, secret garden. I read this when I was eleven years old, when we were on holiday in Italy. I think that the film is incredible too. 

There are no words good enough to describe the harry potter. It is just utterly...spell-bounding. Literally. 
I have read all of them at least 5 times. It is ridiculous. Im obsessed. I seriously recommend them. The films are great too; so sad its over!!!  

DarkIsle is such a great book for younger children. If you enjoy magic like Harry Potter, then you are sure to love this book. It is about a girl who goes on a hunt to find information on her family, and meets very unusual characters on the way...

This is the first book of a great series. It is a spy series about some girls who go to a spy boarding school to learn about spys. I recommend it to teens from 10 years old unto late teens. 

Twilight is one of those series' where you get totally obsessed by them when you have read or seen at least one of them. I love all the books and all the films. Im really looking forward to Breaking Dawn Part 2 to come out!!!! 

I absolutely love ballet; its the most beautiful thing in the world so I found this book perplexing.
The film is also great, and Emma Watson is a star in it!!! I love her. 

happy Sunday!!
love from Evie x

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