Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day 1 :)

This is my first post in the Easter holidays! Today is all about Easter Crafts. 
Me, Mum, my 3 year old brother, and my 5 year old sister have had a very creative day. We made a set of Easter Hama bead pictures and hung them up in the living room. It was great fun. Here is a picture of our masterpiece: 

( I made the chick in the centre, the stripy egg and the white rabbit!
My little brother made the awesome colourful egg on the far left, and my sister made the brown bunny!!
 Yeah, she likes to copy me a bit, its very sweet though) 

We also decorated beautiful yellow eggs with all my favourite sticky things. (never too old to use feathers and sticky back flowers!)

very sweet eggs, maybe even better than the chocolate kind....i said maybe. 

I have also started to learn ho to crochet. Apart from the fact that it really did NOT work!!! here is what i have managed to do in the time span of half an hour while watching the voice followed by BGT. Im slow! Me and mum gave up and decided to watch Friends instead!!! 

Hmmm... yeah, you could call it crochet i suppose... :/

My awesome walk with my little doggy today... Heres a few pics of our time together...

Spring pretty <3

Afternoon by the river, it may not be sunny, but its still beutiful

Snowdrops on trees...i wish!! very pretty x 

The sheep posing for her picture :)

Luna attracting her cute-ness to the camera

My amazing wellies

I love this flower/ plant (whatever you want to call it!!) I think it looks like a mini distorted christmas tree! 

Luna posing too! 

gorgeous little fairy glen. Magical. 

Our amazing wellies!

Cant wait to update for tomorrow!! 
Love Evie. 

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